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Kim Kardashiun: Maybe We Should Jes Butt Out? | Hillbilly Gossup

4. Kim Stars In First Major Movie, Temptation Kim starred as a marriage counselor inTemptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor the filmhit theaters in March 2013. When Kim stepped out at the premiere in Atlanta, Georgia she looked beyond gorgeous in a black dress, with black pants. Afterward, Kanye surprised her at the after party. So, so cute. 5.
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Send Your Birthday Message to Kim! Posted by Matt Russoniello 1 comments Mark your kalendars, for Kim Kardashian turns 33 in one week, on Monday, October 21! We need you to help us wish Kim the best birthday ever, so we'll be collecting birthday messages all week for use in a special birthday post to be published next week. And who knows... Kim has been known to read our humble little site, so there's a good chance she might see it! Use the form below to submit your birthday message for Kim.
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But news reaches me that there might be an inner core of magical, revolutionary realism that permeates the walls of Cupertino. For, as The New York Times' Nick Bilton tweeted on Friday , the gold iPhone 5S , from its very inception, had an extremely down-to-earth nickname at home. No, it's wasn't known as "The Fifth Wonder of the Telephonic World." Nor was it referred to as "The Glittering Prize," "The Golden Child," or "Goldfingerprint ID." Instead, all through the design process it was apparently referred to as "the Kardashian Phone." I feel sure that America's great icon of discernment will rush out a press release, a YouTube video, and perhaps a whole episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" to celebrate Apple's elevation of its gadget to her level of stardom. Some, though, will wonder whether Apple employees felt a certain snootiness with respect to this step toward the nightclub VIP section. It's been theorized that the gold iPhone 5S was primarily targeted at parts of the world where expressions of bling are seen as quite the thing.
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News. "And she's going to bring Nori. She's really looking forward to it." Kardashian, meanwhile, showed off her own body this week. Clearly feeling very confident in her new post-baby figure, the former Playboy centerfold teased both her man and her fans with a very sexy selfie . The pose did, however, leave her open to criticism from those who believe a mother should not act in such a publicly seductive manner.
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The pleese ref'r ta Exhibit A: a photo at Kim postid un Instagram about seve hours ago. Spoil'r alert: If'n y'allve ev'r wantid ta see ever contour o't' reelitee stars famus butt, unshacklet by t'pesky millimet'r o'fabric at jes barly hides it frum view un a norml day well, Kim Kardashian sex tape video watch the today is yer day, my frien: Cleerlee, Kanyes Post-Youngn wurks like a dreem. (Er, y'all knoe, t'.) And finallee, heres Exhibit B: Kardashi-mun Kanye Wests response ta his'n girlfriends latest selfie. @: Heddin Trayler NOW KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) Jes dont ast 'im whut, perzackly, he an' Kim did aft'r he arrivet at thar manse. Havet y'all vultures ev'r heerd tell o'privacy?!? Y'all kin Lank to thishere Artikul:
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[PHOTOS] Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian ? Reality Star Turns 32 - Hollywood Life

Kim Kardashian: Top 5 Moments Of Her Year Since Kims last birthday, her entire life has changed for the better! 1.Kim becomes a mother In Dec. 2012, Kims boyfriend Kanye West announced on stage at his concert that he and Kim were expecting their first baby! We couldnt have been more excited for Kim.
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